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Tagil woman gave 4 million rubles to scammers

Another victim of fraud was a 42-year-old resident of Nizhny Tagil. The woman lost 4 million rubles by transferring them to a “safe” account. This was reported in the press group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The victim told investigators that an unknown person called her from a federal number and introduced himself as a bank employee. He explained that applications for changing the financial number were recorded from the accounts of the Tagil woman, and then he transferred the call to a “representative of the central bank” ostensibly for consultation.

Following the recommendations, the victim withdrew 1 million rubles from the deposit, and then took out four loans totaling about 3 million rubles and transferred all the money through ATMs in the city center.

The victim said that in the process of communicating with the fake bankers, she was allegedly contacted by an employee of the Investigative Committee, who assured her of the need to comply with the confidentiality policy and not to disclose information about her actions to anyone. A few days later, the Tagil woman called the official number of the department, where she was explained that they did not have an employee with that surname and she became a victim of criminals.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case on fraud on an especially large scale. An investigation is underway.

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