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Tagilchanin sued the Criminal Code for the snow that fell on his car

A resident of Nizhny Tagil sued the municipal service for 66 thousand rubles for a block of ice and snow that fell on his car. This was reported in the press service of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court.

The incident happened in February 2022. The owner parked his Daewoo Nexia next to the house on Ulyanovskaya Street in the Rudnik microdistrict. At the same time, public utilities warned residents in advance about the upcoming cleaning of the roof. During the work, snow and ice fell on the passenger car.

Damage experts estimated at 138 thousand rubles. After that, the man turned to the management company of the CS “My House”, where the demands to reimburse the cost of car repairs were refused. After the victim filed a lawsuit with the Tagilstroevsky District Court of Nizhny Tagil, which decided to pay 40% of the requested amount and compensate for legal costs.

The defendant did not agree with the position of the local court and appealed to a higher authority – the Sverdlovsk Regional Court. In the latter, the decision was left unchanged, obliging the Criminal Code to pay about 66 thousand rubles. This is the compensation itself, the fine, the cost of the assessment plus court and legal costs.

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