Tamara Globa made a prediction for 2023

The famous astrologer Tamara Globa intrigued the Russians with an unusual prediction: the esotericist said that in 2023 a sharp turn awaits us all.

Tamara Globa also believes that the year of the rabbit promises to be one of the most difficult in recent times. In particular, the astrologer warned that financial difficulties cannot be avoided. However, Globa noted, one should not be afraid of a complete collapse and the scenario of the dashing 90s will not be repeated.

“In 2023, everyone will be scraped by the bottom of the barrel. And those who had large funds will really get them in order to balance the life of the people, the life of the people. The scenario of the 90s will not repeat itself. There are outbreaks, situations that are reminiscent of the past, ”the astrologer said on the YuoTube air of the Sagittarius-Well Done show.

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