The 185th anniversary of Sergei Khudekov was celebrated in Yerlin, Korablinsky district –

The 185th anniversary of Sergey Khudekov was celebrated in Yerlin, Korablinsky district

December 17 in the museum-reserve “Estate of S.N. Khudekov” in the village of Yerlin, Korablinsky district, a meeting was held “It seems that time is saved here.” It was dedicated to the 185th anniversary of the birth of a progressive public and creative figure, the creator of arboretums in the Ryazan region and Sochi.

An exhibition of drawings by students of the Korablinskaya Children’s Art School named after A.V. Kartynov, initiated by the librarian of the Bobrovino Library Elena Kurashkina. She said that the plots were inspired by the poems of the ship’s poetess Natalya Muradova, who devoted many lines to the Yerlin Park. Museum director Taisiya Sultanova read a poem that Natalya wrote the night before the meeting and sent for the holiday.

Museum staff Olga Yagodkina and Zhanna Surkova set the tone for the musical and poetic living room. The artists of the theater studio “Etude” of the House of Culture of the Zarechny microdistrict of the city of Skopin took the guests back to the nineteenth century. Thanks to them, the owner of the estate, Sergei Khudekov, his wife Nadezhda, as well as Anton Chekhov and Lidia Avilova, who allegedly visited here, “came to life”. The studio also presented two impromptu scenes on a domestic theme from the Dragonfly magazine of the late 19th century.

Members of the creative association “Ship springs” residents of Yerlin and guests from Skopinsky district sang, read poetry, played musical instruments.

Irina Materikina, head of the theater studio “Etude”, Skopin:

“When we were landscaping our territory, we turned to the staff of the museum in Yerlin for help. They gave us dug up trees that thickened the park. Among them was a one and a half meter spruce, practically without roots. We didn’t expect her to survive. But the spruce took root, grew up, and this year for the first time cones appeared on it. Not a single Christmas tree donated by the Yerlinites perished. This means that they gave them with all their hearts, gave with their souls.

There is a warm atmosphere here in the museum. And the spirit of Khudekov returned to the estate. The employees of the museum bring good, first of all, to the youth”.

Tamara Morgunova, a resident of the village of Yabloneva:

“My great-grandmother Ulyana and great-grandfather Ivan worked for Khudekov. They said that the park was called a nursery. There were many different fruit and berry trees, ornamental shrubs, some specimens of which survived until my childhood. From morning to evening, as children, we disappeared in the park: we enjoyed cherries, shadberry, pears, strawberries. Great-grandmother told about the path, on the sides of which rose bushes grew: white on one side, red on the other. She took care of them: seated, watered. Sergei Khudekov himself loved to work in the park.

I can talk endlessly about this sweet corner of the heart. If it is revived, it will be great.”

Natalya Bryleva, member of the creative association “Ship Springs”:

“I was in the Sochi arboretum, but it’s better here, because there are familiar oaks and birches, instead of tiles there is real land on which employees recreate the beauty of past centuries. Here, in small details, you can feel the “presence” of Sergei Khudekov.

Taisiya Sultanova, museum director:

“I look at the works of young artists of the Korablinskaya art school and am surprised at their liveliness, attractiveness – they could participate in the competition-festival “Salute, Monsieur Petipa!”, which I attended.

I was appointed director of the museum in October 2018. Two months after the appointment, she promised to do everything in my power. And I do it with the support of the museum staff and sponsors. We plant roses. The fountains are working. Two ponds were filled. Peacocks, ornamental hens, and Indian ducks appeared in the aviary. Ducks swim in the pond, they have bred offspring. The herons have arrived. Ants have returned – they move to where there is life and water. We even got their alley with a sign.

In May, I invite everyone to plant fruit trees: we brought seedlings and dug until spring. And after December 25, come for a walk in the park in the light of garlands, illuminations, get some fresh air, go down the slides on “cheesecakes” and skis. December 28, at 11.00, in the building of the manager’s office – a children’s tree, January 7, at 10.00, on the site near the museum – a Christmas party for everyone.

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