The administration of the Korablinsky district held a meeting with relatives

The administration of the Korablinsky district held a meeting with relatives of those mobilized to the NMD from the villages

On December 14, relatives of those mobilized to participate in the SVO arrived from the villages of the Korablinsky district for a round table meeting in the district administration.

Head of Korablinsky District Administration Nina Obedkova:

“We try to support the mobilized as much as we can, we collect what they need and send it to Seltsy. The collection point for funds and things is located in the district council of veterans. The governor instructed to assign a curator for each family of the mobilized. We receive information about you through the heads of rural settlements. The work is coordinated by my deputy Larisa Denisova. In two and a half months, several normative documents appeared on rendering assistance to the families of the mobilized. We have gathered you to talk about them.”

About payments and postage

The military commissar of the Korablinsky district Andrey Karpov spoke about payments, benefits and support measures taken for families mobilized in the region. Some of those who came to the meeting complained about the impossibility of obtaining information about the transfer or non-transfer of funds, confusion with the numbers of mobilized tokens, salary delays, difficulties in negotiations with the bank, sometimes the impossibility of solving the problem due to the unwillingness of officials to take responsibility.

Some cannot get information about the location of the unit where the relative serves. The military commissar invited them to his place and promised to give an address to which mail (letter, parcel) could be sent.

Relatives of the mobilized complained that the Russian Post received parcels without an inventory, and therefore there was no certainty that they would arrive safely. Meanwhile, many things are vital for the participants of the NWO. Listed which ones. They said that a “Group of our regiment” was created by VKontakte. Relatives of the mobilized who have joined the community can find out the necessary information and participate in joint actions to help children, husbands and each other. They said that the women themselves were ready to accompany the cargo for the participants of the NWO to the place – they asked to help with transport.

The audience was worried about when the mobilized would be able to get a vacation (in six months).

Support for families with children

Employees of the social service spoke about social support measures for SVO participants with children aged 3 to 7 years. They answered the question about benefits for housing and communal services (the law has not yet been adopted), talked about payments to families and mothers in case of injury, injury, death of husbands and sons, and the necessary documents.

Irina Sivtsova, Head of the Department of Education and Youth Policy, spoke about the nutrition benefits for schoolchildren – mobilized children and payment for maintenance in kindergartens. She reminded me of the holidays and special Christmas trees for children whose fathers defend their homeland.

They touched upon the exemption from paying land tax for mobilized owners of plots, the deferment of payment of rent.

Marina Marchenko, Deputy Chief Physician of the Korablinskaya Interdistrict Hospital, promised assistance under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

Direct speech

Natalya Kuzmina, the village of Neznanovo:

“Son Yuri was mobilized on September 24th. I keep in touch with him. He says everything is fine. At a meeting with relatives of the mobilized, I found out how things are in general and what to expect for us.”

Zulaikha Derbisheva, Iberdsky settlement:

“My son Khalil promised me to bring firewood for the winter. He did not have time, as he was mobilized. I contacted the local head of administration. Connected area. The Grand enterprise helped. And the car service in Pehlets, where he worked, delivered me special briquettes for heating. Thanks for support!”

Nadezhda Leontieva, Trinity village:

“My brother has been mobilized. Lived with me in my parents’ house. He has no one but me. Found out I didn’t get paid. I don’t think it’s fair. I have been studying the topic of supporting mobilized families for a long time. At the meeting, I tried to clarify some issues.

Women from the Bobrovinsky rural settlement asked for help with clearing the roads near the house: the men who had previously been involved in this were mobilized, but they themselves could not for health reasons. They were promised to find volunteers.

Nina Obedkova, head of administration of the Korablinsky district:

“We are glad that we can help families in some way. Let’s hope that the NWO will end and our men will return.”

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