The average travel time by public transport in Moscow will be reduced to 54 minutes by 2024

In any case, the authorities are counting on it.

It turns out that ten years ago, the average travel time by public transport in Moscow was more than an hour – 63 minutes. As always, we keep in mind that this is the average temperature in the hospital – someone gets there in half an hour, someone in one and a half, and both on average in an hour.

Head of the Moscow Construction Department Rafik Zagrutdinov told TASS that travel time is gradually decreasing and will continue to decrease. “When we form a transport frame, the most important task that we solve is to reduce the travel time of a passenger. We have a passenger in 2010 [в среднем] spent 63 minutes on public transport, by 2024 the average travel time will be 54 minutes. In general, for a metropolis, reducing travel time even by 1 minute has a huge socio-economic effect, and it is considered in monetary terms – the movement of goods, the speed of movement of a passenger. And in 2030 we want to reach 49 minutes,” he said.

It may seem that the reduction by 9 minutes is somehow frivolous. But the mayor’s office argues that if the authorities did nothing (why would they?), if everything went according to the thumb, then by the current moment the average travel time would be all 90 minutes.

Zagrutdinov also spoke about what the Moscow authorities are going to do to further improve the situation. Firstly, to change the intervals at the MCD – on the first and fourth diameters they will be brought closer to the metro intervals, that is, trains will run very often. Recall that the fourth diameter has not yet been opened, but they are preparing next year. And passengers of the first diameter, who have suffered in recent years, will probably be happy. In addition, during the construction of new quarters on the site of industrial zones, they will build a street and road network at a “leading pace” and link it into a road frame, and strengthen inter-district ties. But here the head of the construction department did not give details.


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