The bloody murder in Akovice has a tragic background. Did the family die because of the son’s illness?

The bloody tragedy on the cycle path between Akovice and Letany should be a tragedy. There is no doubt that the father of the family turned his arms against the mistress and the young son, but for the reason he did it, the cold. The mother of a two-year-old boy had a vdt about a year ago!

On November 26, the Prask mordparta began investigating the murder and suicide of one family. At the scene, they found a veiled boy (2), his mum (32) and her aunt (34). The head of the family was supposed to be the father of the family.

It turned out that he worked as a member of the municipal police in Prague. He did not use a service weapon, he shot his family and himself in bed with a pistol for which he had a firearms license.

I can confirm that one of the lands was an employee. Ppad is still in the hands of Police R, said Irena Seifertov, spokeswoman for the Polish website, for Blesk.

Find out CNN Prima News, e he should have pointed his weapon first at the woman, then at the child, then turned his head against himself. It should be a family ijc in Letany.

It took a momentary weakness and passed out. Not only him, but also the woman had to fulfill this tragedy. Not because of family disputes, as the two claimed, but because of the illness of their young son.

The fall will most likely be delayed.

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