The case of Nesvailov and Kolek: The unknown author of children’s books found herself in a love triangle

Maybe at least someone will come between me in the love triangle Denisa Nesvailova, Peter Kolek and Aneta Vignerová to rejoice. Petrv’s scandalous flight into the library with Denisa caused an avalanche of questions about where they are together and what the two of them actually are. The author of the book can pat me on the back for the perfect promo that she accidentally managed.

As k, patn advertising, also advertising. And if anyone has made a point of the whole escapade, then it is the author of the book Veselo ve Veselka Markta Kajukov, whose story would probably not have been written about so much otherwise. This is filled with names that resonate in Czech show business and the idiot is not negative at all, just know that she wrote a book. And that is priceless.

She didn’t experience such a rush even a year ago with her daughter Dm u Jasanu, when Denisa got married again. Only she, who arrived at the Hus library this year alongside Petr Kolek, drew the public’s attention to herself and the library. And suddenly the newspapers were surprised that they had not received invitations and that the event had not been reported.

But one thing is certain – nobody misses a day of such an event.

After all, the author had to wait for such a response, she herself announced on her Instagram profile that both Petr and Denisa would attend her event. So it had to be certain that if it burst, there would be a boom.

Denisa Nesvailov on the corner of Markta Kajukov’s book

And so, while Aneta Vignerov has to laugh with the fact that Petr Koleko once again accused her in front of the whole nation, Petr again has to laugh with the fact that the public notices how stupid it is, because he separated from his family and Denise Nesvailov people on Instagram p that she is one of the most hated people in esku, because she took her away from her family, the organizers of which can rub their hands.

If these newspapers hadn’t taken pictures of Denisa and Petr in the middle, there probably wouldn’t have been any talk of Vesel na Veselka. But this is glassed in vude and in all persons and faces.

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