The cook definitely cut Ondřej out of her life. She announced a long-awaited life change!

Model Taťána Kuchařová announced the breaking news, the moment she had been heading towards since the announcement of her divorce with Ondřej Brzobohatý. While she already has her maiden name Kuchařová in her ID card, she has had to continue presenting herself as Gregorová Brzobohatá on social networks until now. This is due to the fact that she could not agree with Instagram to change her nickname. In the end, she resorted to a drastic solution and decided that she would enter the new year as a full-fledged Chef.

“From January 1, 2023, only the @tatiana_kucharova account will be active, and you have the opportunity to switch now. Whoever wants to continue following me, only on this new account under my old name Taťána Kuchařová. Thank you for being and continuing to be part of this community and in direct contact with me. This definitively closes one chapter and opens a new one, and I’m really looking forward to it.” said the model on her Instagram profile, who is finally cutting the ties that have bound her to her ex-husband.

Unlike most other social networks, you do not have to rely on Instagram customer support, at least not within the Czech Republic. Support must be dealt with in writing at length. For example, Veronika Žilková successfully changed her Instagram nickname from “Veronika Žilková Stropnická” to “Veronika Žilková Žilková”, but the actress does not have a verified account with a blue pipe, which could have made the situation easier for her. It also depends on whether the new username is already taken.

“How come you can’t rename the Instagram account name? Definitely yes! I did it on LinkedIn in the form of an official request at the head office. Write to their helpdesk, one does not have to lose 280 thousand followers,” was surprised under Kuchařová Martin’s post.

And the loss of followers will probably really hurt, the beautiful blonde has a large fan base on the social network. But if it was as easy as the fan describes, Taťána would surely have her name back on Instagram.

She herself has never made any secret of the fact that she struggles a lot with Instagram in this regard and is unable to get her maiden name back. And they have been dealing with the name change for almost a year! And so the argument with Instagram dragged on longer than running errands for the authorities.

“Unfortunately, we have been dealing with it for a whole year and it is not possible to change the name, only to re-establish the account. Due to the strict rules for changing the name of the company Meta, I am forced to leave my old Instagram account and create a new one. So no, there really is no other way but to create a brand new account and from January 1, 2023, only @tatiana_kucharova will be active. The old account will cease to be active.” the model replied to the fan.

Other fans argued why Taťána just doesn’t get over it, because that way she will lose the years of work she devoted to building her profile. But when the heart hurts, only complete deletion from life will help. It must be added that Ondřej definitely does not solve his failed marriage on the networks.

Taťána Kuchařová took a drastic step regarding Instagram.

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