The creative presentation “Museum – Reloaded” was held by Ryazan

The creative presentation “Museum – Reloaded” was held by the Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

On December 15, employees of the Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve spoke about work plans for 2023. The Solzhenitsyn Museum Center hosted a creative presentation “Museum Reloaded. Our 2023.”

The conversation was about exhibitions, projects, events, meetings that the museum has prepared for next year. For a museum with almost 140 years of history, next year promises to be especially important. Of course, the most anticipated and exciting event for the museum in 2023 is the move to a new building on Sobornaya Street. But despite the hassle associated with the move, the museum continues to work actively.

Noble countrymen and art festival

One of his most intense projects is Our Names. It will include exhibitions dedicated to Mikhail Skobelev and Nadezhda Chumakova.

And next year, the museum will for the first time hold a festival of science and arts “9 centuries”. Nine evenings will be devoted to great names. The museum will present awards for achievements in various fields. For example, for the best young researcher, for the best project in the field of archeology, for the best work in the field of fine arts, and others.

Online collections and exchange exhibitions

Another announced project of the museum is the virtual project “Open Storage”. Thanks to him, RIAMZ will remain accessible to its friends even if they move in 2023. Employees of the most closed subdivision – the scientific fund department, curators of collections, will talk about the museum funds, about the features of work on accounting, storage and accounting of museum values. They will show items from the storerooms, introduce them to their attribution, the history of their appearance in the museum collection. Museum workers promise to show those collections that arouse the greatest interest.

The new project “Principality of Ryazan” will show the life of Ryazan cities throughout their history. The plans include exchange exhibitions between the Ryazan Museum and the museums of Murom, Yelets, Kasimov, Pronsk, Kolomna, Tula. The culmination of the project will be a large exhibition, which will be held in the new building of the museum center. It will present exhibits stored in the museums of the Ryazan, Moscow, Vladimir, Tula and Lipetsk regions.

Museum staff reminded about the already launched project “Museum Pass” – meetings with experts dedicated to the history of Russia and the Ryazan Territory. We talked about the Literary Subscription project, which will be held at the Solzhenitsyn Museum Center. Ryazan people were invited for immersive excursions to Oleg’s Palace.

“It is very exciting to present plans for the next year, especially with such a loud name “Museum Reloaded”. The task was to show how ready we are for the next year,” the RIAMZ director summed up the presentation. Vitaly Popov and invited all the museum staff and his friends to come up to the stage for a group photo.

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