The equinox of music and architecture: the business park in the ÁLIA district resonates with the neoclassical Bechevli

Developer ASTERUS in collaboration with young composer Ilya Beshevli released a music video.

And this, you see, is a rather atypical approach to the image promotion of your project – a business park in the ÁLIA area. It was there that the video “Genius of the Place” was filmed to the music of Equinox.

The work was not chosen by chance, as well as the season for filming. Equinox means “equinox”. The even soft light of the September sun makes it possible to see pure architecture, textures and colors, graceful facades and a landscape park in the autumn palette of colors.

Ilya Beshevli, who is called the rising star of Russian neoclassical music, performs his work Equinox at the piano in the lobby of the business park’s central building. The first chords bring together elements of the architecture of the complex, filmed in such a way as to create an association with the keys, strings and shapes of the instruments. The melody is consonant with the metrical rhythms of the folds of the glass facade, brickwork, inverted reflections of the hulls in the water surface.

The sounds of violin and viola, as well as musical instruments of the 18th century appearing in the frame, give warmth and comfort to strict office spaces.

The developer notes that in their joint work with the musician, they sought to show the energy of the place and enhance the aesthetic impression of the author’s architecture of the international bureau SOM

The authors of the video did not use traditional techniques: guest actors, credits, voice-overs and marketing slogans. Everything is built solely on sounds and associations that complement the video sequence. ASTERUS emphasizes that they wanted to show their approach to architecture and the beauty of the office complex, which they are proud of. Which is understandable: the business park has collected a pool of prestigious awards, and according to the International Property Awards, the project was recognized as the best example of office architecture in Europe.

“Genius of Place” is not only about beauty, aesthetics and architecture as frozen music. It’s also about how development projects reveal the potential of a location — now, on the site of the former wasteland in Pokrovsky-Streshnevo, a modern ÁLIA district is being created — business-class residential quarters with author’s architecture, landscape parks and access to the river, with their own sports complex, schools and kindergartens.

Photo and video: provided by the press service of ASTERUS


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