The Government of the Ryazan region presented awards named after academician

The Government of the Ryazan Region presented Academician Sreznevsky Prizes

On Monday, December 19, the Government of the Ryazan Region presented the regional awards named after Academician Sreznevsky for 2022. They also awarded the winners and laureates of the regional review competition for the best organization of patronage work in the education system in 2022.

The awards were solemnly presented by the Governor of the Ryazan region Pavel Malkov. In his opening remarks, he recalled that Academician Izmail Sreznevsky, an outstanding Slavic scholar, Russia’s first doctor of Slavic-Russian philology, hails from the Ryazan region.

“This year marks the 210th anniversary of the birth of Sreznevsky. But his works still have not lost their great significance. Calls to take care of the native language have not lost their relevance. To study the language in connection with the history of the people.

We have many followers of Sreznevsky, and some of them are in this hall today. These are people who embody the ideas of the scientist, conduct research work, and develop the methods of teaching the Russian language. And, what is especially important, they actively promote it abroad,” the head of the region said.

The winner of the first prize “For the contribution to the methodology of teaching the Russian language and the embodiment of Sreznevsky’s scientific ideas” was Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Language Department of the Russian State University. S.A. Yesenina Olga Skryabina.

“I want to thank the Government of the Ryazan region for the great attention to our education. Education and upbringing of children is the future of Russia,” said Olga Alekseevna.

Those who help educational institutions also received awards from the hands of Pavel Malkov. Those who provide patronage assistance to kindergartens, rural and urban schools, institutions of secondary vocational education were noted.

“Today, almost 90% of all schools, kindergartens, secondary specialized educational institutions have patronage organizations. I thank them for their indifference,” Pavel Malkov stressed.

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