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The increase in the term of service in the army and the continuation of mobilization are fakes

In recent days, information has been circulating on social networks and instant messengers that the term of military service in the Russian army can be increased from one year to two years, and mobilization has not been completed, but suspended. Sources refer to an interview with Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Fotin, military commissar of the Dmitrovsky urban district, where he allegedly spoke about this. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and telegram channel “War against fakes” refuted another throw.

Both of these statements are not true. According to the Russian legislation the service life is now 12 months. It can be increased only by amending the federal law through the State Duma, but there have been no such initiatives. Further, approval by the Federation Council and the President will be required. So far, all discussions about increasing the service life have ended with the words of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu that there is no such need. His position was supported in the Kremlin.

In addition, the military commissars cannot make official statements on conscription issues. In the Ministry of Defense, Yevgeny Burdinsky is responsible for this area. And from him there was no information about increasing the term of service in the army.

The fact that the speech of the military commissar Fotin is an exclusively personal opinion, which he expressed on camera without approval, is also evidenced by the fact that the video from the interview was soon deleted from the website of the local newspaper. And Fokin himself, as writes RBC, stated that it was recorded two years ago.

Refutes the “War on Fake” and the information that partial mobilization has not been completed, but suspended. Numerous statements The President of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the country say otherwise. No new waves of mobilization not planned.

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Earlier we reported that Sergei Shoigu inspected the troops in the special operation zone.

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