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The Ministry of Digital Transformation warned of massive hacking of Telegram accounts

Yesterday, December 17, users of the Telegram messenger faced massive attempts to steal their accounts. The scammers acted according to several schemes: they offered to subscribe to Telegram Premium, as well as take part in various votings with confirmation of the phone number. Posts were also sent out on behalf of the account holders with a call to help relatives and transfer funds to the bank account indicated in the message. To prevent hacking attempts, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development advises messenger users to install two-factor authentication.

On their pages in the social networks of the Ministry of Digital Development leads sample hacking scheme:

– the user receives a message from someone from the contact list that he sent the user a gift – a subscription to Telegram Premium;

– the user clicks on the button, and at that moment he receives an authorization code. On the screen with the gift, it says that this code must be entered to activate the premium subscription;

– the user enters this code, and his account is immediately opened on the attacker’s computer;

– the new account immediately sends such messages to the entire list of contacts and removes them from the sent list. At the same time, the message remains with the recipients.

Your account will be safe if you enable two-factor authentication in it. In this case, even after entering the code, attackers will need to enter a password that only the account owner knows.

How to set up two-factor authentication in Telegram:

— go to Settings → Privacy;

— select the Two-step authentication section and enable it;
– keep a password that will additionally protect the account;
– click Done.

What to do if you have already followed the link and submitted the code:

— go to Settings → Active sessions and click the End all other sessions link;
– enable two-factor authentication

When an account is hijacked, it is not clear whether all correspondence is downloaded and what other actions take place. To protect yourself from account theft, enable two-factor authentication in the messenger and do not follow suspicious links, the department advised.

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