The most popular names for newborns in 2022 were named in Zakharovsky

The most popular names for newborns in 2022 were named in the Zakharovsky registry office

The Zakharovsky registry office told what names are now given to children.

According to Svetlana Kryuchkovahead of the registry office, girls are born more than boys.

“The names Sofia, Polina, which have recently been popular, are leaving. Increasingly, girls are called Miroslava, Yesenia, Milana, Valeria, but there are Olga and Anastasia. Among the names of boys, Alexander, Andrei, Mark, Gleb, Pavel are popular, there is Anatoly. Gone are Nikita and Daniel.”

By the way

There are more marriages. In 2021, there were 68 entries, and this year, as of December 1, there are 94 marriages. Two families signed without a waiting period, on the agenda for mobilization.

The gap in the age of those entering into marriage is very large. From 18 years old, which, by the way, happens very often, up to 60 years old. Recently there was a couple, the age of each spouse is about 60 years old. They lived together all their lives, came to the solemn registration with their children and grandchildren. Well, the most common age is 25-35 years.

As of December 1, 2022, 130 death certificates were registered.

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