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The New Year is just around the corner: Christmas tree markets have opened in Taganrog

26 Christmas markets began to work in Taganrog, the city administration reported. Most of the pines and spruces are of local origin – they grew up in the territories of the Kasharsky, Tarasovsky, Millerovsky, Martynovsky and Salsky districts.

Also, residents of Taganrog can purchase coniferous trees from Gorny Altai, Leningrad, Moscow regions and from Poland. The cost of pines on average is from 500 rubles per meter. For Christmas trees they ask from 300-400 per meter, that is, on average, a New Year’s tree will cost 500-800 rubles apiece. Fluffy green beauties value more.

Now in Taganrog, Christmas tree markets are located on the streets of Marshal Zhukov, Syzranov, Chekhov, Parkhomenko, Dzerzhinsky, Transportnaya, Moskatov. And also in lanes 1st New and Gogolevsky (along the Central Market). They will run until December 31st.

Photo of Taganrogskaya Pravda

We previously said that main tree of Taganrog opens December 23rd.

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