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The number of children’s suicides was named in the Sverdlovsk region

In the first six months of 2022, 62 children died in the Sverdlovsk region, more than half of them as a result of suicide. Igor Morokov, the regional children’s ombudsman, spoke about this at a press conference.

The main causes of child mortality are traffic accidents, fires, juvenile delinquency and suicide. In the region, 36 teenagers committed suicide, more than 300 suicide attempts were prevented. Five Sverdlovsk children were killed.

“This year, in terms of child mortality, we are reaching the level of 2020. In the expert group, we discussed the causes and conditions for the death of children from non-medical causes – most problems come from the family. Today, a serious revision, the search for new mechanisms requires work with parents. More and more problems go into everyday, criminal and unintentional nature, when mothers accidentally kill children. Here is a fine line of influence on safety in the family, it is important not to violate its integrity, ”said Morokov (quoted from E1).

He added that more than 1,500 children suffered from various illegal acts. In most cases, we are talking about non-payment of alimony, among other problems – beatings and bullying.

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