The past of “saint” Hana Marvanová? She almost sank the government, intrigued for the seat, advised Babiš, faces criticism

Hana Marvanová is once again at the center of Prague politics. Half a year ago, she played a key role in the corruption case involving the former deputy mayor of Prague, Petr Hlubuček. According to her, she knew about some of the frauds and reported everything to the party leadership at the time. She harshly defined herself against another influential member of the movement, Stanislav Polčák, and also undermined the head of STANU, Vít Rakušan, when she declared that he knew about everything and did nothing.

Even before that, in March, Marvanová announced that she would run for the SPOLU group in the next municipal elections, which greatly surprised the leadership of the STAN movement, of which she was still a member and an elected representative. This “leap” of the year was not even met with enthusiasm by all ODS members. Many were worried about Marvanová’s unpredictability and how the politician would “just fall asleep.”

She locked herself in the office and was hysterical

After the post-election negotiations reached a deadlock, because neither of the parties (Pirates and ODS) wanted to back down from their terms, TOGETHER moved to a partial agreement with the ANO movement. They agreed that they would elect Bohuslav Svoboda as mayor by a narrow majority, and this would temporarily unblock the situation in Prague’s leadership.

But Marvanová shuffled her cards, and despite the fact that she promised to support Svoboda, she eventually backed down. As late as Thursday afternoon, she firmly stood behind the candidate for mayor and her fellow party member Bohuslav Svoboda.

But a twist came during the negotiations. Daily N published a photo of Marvanová with Radmila Kleslova from ANO, who, according to the media, was an agent of the communist StB, and Marvanová should have started voting against her.

“I was imprisoned under the communists. While she was members of the STB at the time,” Marvan declared.

According to Bohuslav Svoboda, the photo also made an impression on Kordová Marvanová. “She repeatedly assured me that she agreed and that she would support me. At least five times. Then she decided otherwise. She herself says that it is due to some photograph.” he claimed.

Jan Paluška, a fellow party member of Marvanová, also described the situation just before the election. “First on Monday at the club (this is a regular meeting of the parties in front of the council, where the press is read, the procedure is coordinated, debated, etc.) they agree with everything. Then on Wednesday, i.e. the day before the assembly, she even says that she wants Associate Professor Svoboda as mayor (sic!) and that she doesn’t mind support from ANO. Even on Thursday morning, she assures everyone that her decision is valid and even says the same to the newspapers. And then boom, everything is different. Right before the election, she shuts herself in her office, says on the phone that she will not vote for Svoboda, and hysterically tells how everyone is mean to her and that she is the moral beacon.” he wrote on his Facebook.

Patrik Nacher from ANO was also confused by Marvanová’s stance. On his Twitter, he reminded the politician that she once worked with Andrej Babiš and had no problem with it. It was a case from 2014, when Marvanová had disputes with Minister Helena Válková. According to Válková, Marvanová was not loyal to her. Disagreements on the way of work lasted for about two months, i.e. half of the time that Marvanová spent at the ministry. Babiš resolved the unpleasant dispute between the two women by offering Marvanová the position of his adviser, and she agreed.

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