The peak of fashion for arcs – a house with facades of 343 arches will be built in Dorogomilovo

It looks like arches will soon become one of the symbols of modern architecture in Moscow. The fact is that in the past few years, a lot of buildings in the city, both already under construction and those at the project stage, in one way or another beat the theme of arches. Someone uses them for their intended purpose and frames the entrance to the building in this way, someone does decorative arch as high as the house itself, arched openings establish in the subway, and indeed this element is used in every possible way in facades and interiors. How notice experts, “arches are some kind of mainstream of Moscow architecture.” Yes, and the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov given question: “A fashionable theme for arches, will it become a classic for Moscow?”

And now the fashion for arches seems to have reached its zenith. The Moscow Committee for Architecture agreed on a house whose facades are decorated with 343 arches. “Architecture gravitates towards neomodern style with its clear restrained lines. Architectural concrete was chosen as the material for the facade cladding,” Kuznetsov describes it. At the Moscow Architectural Council add: “Arches and arched windows of different heights encircle the whole house and will become the main rhythmic element of the whole building. Architectural concrete was chosen as the material for the facade cladding. The white color favorably emphasizes the texture and plasticity of the facade, adding lightness to the structure.”

This house will be built not far from Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Kievsky railway station and Dorogomilovsky market – at the address 1st Mozhaysky dead end, possession 8a, building 1. It will be 14 floors high, and on the first of them a shopping gallery and a restaurant from Alexander Zaturinsky (which in In his time, he had a hand in such cult institutions as White Rabbit, MØS, Erwin, etc.). During the summer, restaurant visitors will be able to sit on the terrace, which, of course, will also be framed by arched vaults.

Illustrations: press service of the Moscow Committee for Architecture


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