The solution to the problem with the flooding of Okskaya Street in Ryazan has been found –

The solution to the problem of flooding Okskaya street in Ryazan has been found

At a meeting of the regional government on December 20, Governor Pavel Malkov announced a complaint from Ryazan residents about the flooding of Okskaya Street. Elena Sorokina, head of the administration of the regional center, reported that a solution to this problem had been found.

“The problem of Okskaya Street is a long-standing one. Flooding has always been here. In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to build storm collectors,” Elena Sorokina explained.

Now collectors are designing. The first one will pass along Okskaya street. The second one will collect sewage from Dashkovo-Pesochnya, connect with the collector at the Soviet Army and be brought to Okskaya Street. Projects will be ready by December 30th. Then it will take 90 days for the examination and 5 months to complete the work.

“The issue is sore, the project is resource-intensive. This task must be solved next year,” the governor said.

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