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The Taganrog team won the Winter TRP Festival

The results of the Winter TRP Festival, in which residents of the Rostov region of different ages took part, have become known. The competitions were held last weekend at the sports facilities of DSTU. The team of Taganrog became the winner of the festival in the team standings. This was reported in the government of the region.

The “Winter TRP Festival” has been held on the Don since 2016 in two stages (municipal and regional) among all categories of the population (9-70 years and older).

– More than six thousand people took part in the municipal stage of the festival of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense”. And in the regional – more than 200 representatives from 20 municipalities of the Don, – said the Minister for Physical Culture and Sports of the Rostov Region Samvel Arakelyan.

The teams for participation in the regional stage were formed from the winners of the qualifying stage – at least 12 participants: one man, one woman in each stage (from VI to XI) of the TRP complex.

Participants had to overcome such tests as lifting the torso from the “lying on the back” position, bending and unbending the arms in the lying position, bending forward from the “standing on the gymnastic bench” position, shooting from the “sitting or standing position with the elbows resting on the table” from electronic weapons, running 2 km / 3 km, mixed movement 2 km, swimming 50 m / 25 m, relay race (five people).

The Taganrog team (captain Dmitry Tsytsorin) won in the team competition, Rostov-on-Don was in second place, and Novocherkassk was third. Our athletes also have achievements in individual competitions. Konstantin Ionochev, Viktor Fedorov, Elena Bolotskaya took first place in their age categories.

Photo VK “VFSK GTO Taganrog”

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