The two of you. I’m fucked… Vignerov spoke about the betrayal of Kolek and Nesvailov

Love triangle Peter Kolek it’s officially over. At least it’s hard Aneta Vignerov, who warned her ex-partner at the door that although he had a second chance, the day of the aunt would not take place. And Petr did not respect himself, photographers he was caught dancing alongside his lover Denisa Nesvailov at the corner of Markta Kajukov’s book Veselo ve Veselka, which took place without the presence of newspapers. They honored her together in the center of Husov’s library. But Nesvailov didn’t act in the first place. Last December, the daughter Dm u Jasan appeared there on the Markt corner. According to the website, Nesvailov was supposed to move to a secret apartment in Hostivai.

Aneta Vignerov soon showed herself to be separated in society, when on Sunday, that is, those days before, Koleko was married to Nesvailová, at the request of Miss Essence. Son Jiko had to look for the naughty Koleko at home first, so that she could get out of bed at the after-party, where they drank until about midnight in the morning. It even sounded a little like she wanted to teach her unfaithful partner a lesson. That didn’t quite work out.

Now the model came out with a whole situation that reminds me of a Spanish telenovela. According to him, Petr is with Denisa again, and the breakup between him and Aneta seems to be final this time.

I think you deserve my day out too. ance was here and she was wasted. And it’s gone. No one makes fun of it, because those things were quite painful, you have to work on them for a long time, and they turned in a different direction very quickly. I’m glad for that she then stated in her report on Vignerov’s social studies.

Nesvailov and Kolek honored the little girl.

I don’t want those two, it’s a betrayal. I think it’s hot on all sides here and I think the trident is won, continued the model, saying that their private life did not show much, so she can devote herself to what is most important – Language. And then she also had to draw a story on Instagram, which was a big hit, because the work didn’t stop.

fuck and go have to go this, kidding, she finally added.

Aneta Vignerov is clear. Petr Koleko betrayed her.

The question is what will dl. At night, however, they will probably be closed during the day. Aneta didn’t allow herself to hear the fact that she hoped they would be kept in the family circle – because of her son Jiko. You’re probably going to pick me up for Peter. Not even thirteen days ago, Koleko was pouring ashes on his head on Showtime saying that family is the most important thing.

I know that Aneta and I will find another way after this and we will be angry. I also remember his bravery in recent times. I realized that family is the most valuable thing, and I know that we will be family again, said Koleko. No one knows what led him to turn 180 degrees.

The editors of also contacted Denisa Nesvailová in order to discuss the case, but she does not communicate.

Denisa Nesvailov on the corner of Markta Kajukov’s book.

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