This sculpture of a hare appeared in Belyaevo

Everyone thought that the sculpture appeared in Belyaevo as a symbol of 2023, but its author, contemporary artist Tema Syulev, says that this is just a coincidence, and that’s not why he made the hare. (And the symbol of the year is not a hare at all, but a rabbit.)

“Since ancient times, the hare has been considered a symbol of rebirth and turning to the light. For Theme Syulev, this image is connected with deeply personal experiences: he conceived his sculpture as a birthday present for his daughter Mia. A big hare, like guarding a child’s sleep, is the embodiment of parental tenderness and hope for a brighter future,” explains the press service of the Belyaevo Gallery, near which an object for the festival “Here and Now. Modern art on the streets of the city.

In addition to Belyaev’s sculpture, the works of contemporary artists within the framework of the festival can already be seen near the cultural centers Novoslobodsky, ZIL, Zodchie, Moskvorechye, Berendey and in Zaryadye Park.

Such Syulev hares were previously exhibited at the Askeri gallery on Povarskaya. Hares are available in several colors: gold, silver, light green and several shades of mother-of-pearl. Syulev graduated from the Surikov Academy, made installations for “Arma 17”, “Gazgolder”, the Museum of Moscow, the Central House of Artists, as well as sculptures for the “Museon” and the festivals “Archfarm” and “Archstoyanie”.

Photo: press service of the festival “Here and Now”


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