This year, 21.6% fewer restaurants opened in Moscow than last year

Only fast food establishments feel comfortable.

Almost the whole year Moscow restaurateurs report about reducing the number of guests and, accordingly, revenue. A similar situation has developed throughout the country – as writes Kommersant, citing a study by the R-Keeper service, in autumn alone in Russia, the number of restaurant closures increased by 25.7%. There is no separate data for Moscow, but the city has already lost some iconic establishments this year, for example stopped work “Simple Things” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya.

The rate of opening of new restaurants, on the contrary, has decreased significantly. Irina Kozina, director of street retail at NF Group, said that from January to November of this year, only 91 restaurants were opened on the central streets of Moscow. For comparison, in 2021, 116 establishments were already opened during the same period, that is, 21.6% more. Maxim Popov, the founder of the StrEat project, adds that only two or three restaurant groups are currently active in the city. According to Kozina, the Pinskiy & Co. restaurant group opened the most establishments.

However, there is an area that, in spite of everything, continues to grow – this is fast food. Analysts say fast food outlets are the only category of restaurants with more openings than closings.



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