Three New Year trees installed in Korablin

In Korablin – on the central square, in the Birch Park and in the old part of the city – they installed fir trees. On December 16, they began to dress up.

According to the head of the city administration Vyacheslav Ermakov, two Christmas trees were presented by the residents of Korablin on Kirov and Pionerskaya streets. The third, also a gift, was brought from the village of Zharkoye of the Kipchakovsky settlement. It was installed in the central square. This tree is 35 years old. The hostess said that she would be happy if the Christmas tree brought joy to people in such a difficult time.

Vyacheslav Ermakov:

“I want to thank the shipmen who made such wonderful gifts. And also Alexander Afontsov – for providing the crane, Valery Popov – for the trawl. By the way, this year we were the first to carry Christmas trees not on tractors. To the traffic police officers who responded to the request to accompany their delivery to the installation sites.

Thanks to the employees of thermal power networks (head – Alexander Kuznetsov) for cutting down. By the way, they also decorated Christmas trees. And earlier they helped to decorate the city. They hung garlands, net banners on the trees.

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