Tips to Look Beautiful and Classy, ​​But Still Save

tips to look beautiful frugal

Who is a woman who does not want to look beautiful all the time? One way to be more beautiful is to pay attention to our clothing style. Speaking of style, why not try being classier? Being classy doesn’t mean you have to always dress formally, but more about being able to attract attention without having to dress up too much.

The problem is, a classy look usually requires a lot of budget. In fact, we can’t possibly spend money just for clothes, right? Therefore, let ‘s look at the following tips so you can look classy and beautiful without torturing your finances.

1. Pay attention to the way you dress

One of the keys to looking classy is to avoid clothes that are too sexy. Although maybe sexy clothes will make you get attention from many men, don’t you feel uncomfortable with the looks thrown by many men? Be proud that you can look beautiful and elegant with decent clothes.

2. Be simple

Don’t spend too much of your money on expensive clothes. Instead, use that budget to buy classy accessories. This is because in general, what makes clothes expensive is only the brand , even though a brand will not really affect other people’s views about whether you are classy or not in your clothes. What’s more important than the brand is your ability to ‘mix and match’ the clothes you wear exactly.

It’s good you do not put too many accessories in your body. The most important thing about accessories is how far they will support your outfit, not the amount. Minimal but quality accessories will make you look elegant, simple, and focused. Don’t even wear big bracelets, big watches and several rings at once. You don’t want to look overdone, do you?

3. Don’t want to be a fashion victim

You may follow fashion or trend developments, but don’t let yourself become a fashion victim . Don’t follow fashion excessively because it’s not an obligation. Who also requires you to always dress up-to-date ? Don’t be just yourself who lacks confidence. Don’t let yourself follow a style even though you don’t really like that style of dress, is it just to say you’re trendy ?

Don’t want to, or it will be difficult for you to always follow the trend , because from time to time trends will always change very quickly. And of course it will burden your finances. Be confident with yourself! Choose a fashion or style that suits you and your personality because there is a possibility that you will only occasionally buy clothes that you like and need. So you can save money !

4. Choose quality fabrics and matching colors

In order to look charming and classy, ​​judging by the fabric we wear is no less important. Take a look around you: isn’t being classy one of which is a matter of matching fabrics and colors? From now on, let ‘s be more concerned about the type of cloth we wear! A mixture of rayon and cotton that absorbs sweat and is not stiff is the right material for t-shirts . Linen is a durable material that absorbs sweat and doesn’t fade easily. Meanwhile, silk and satin fit for formal events at night.

Clothing with quality fabrics can be more durable and comfortable. Don’t be afraid of the costs that you have to pay at the beginning. The costs you spend to wear expensive and durable clothes will be cheaper than clothes that cost a little lower but are not durable.

Also, you should not use contrasting colors at the same time. Color block was indeed a trend, but like other trends, color block comes and goes too quickly. So, you should choose pastel colors that are calm, safe, and warm. This classic color will be more easily adapted to the event you are going to attend.

5. Pay attention to your body

Will you look beautiful, classy and graceful if you don’t pay attention to the beauty of your face and body? So , from now on, don’t just care about what clothes you wear. However, start caring about the beauty and cleanliness of your body. Start from above!

Pay attention to the cleanliness of your face, whether you have problems on your face or not. It’s good if you always take care of your face routinely, do a mask, provide moisturizer and also sunscreen when you are going to do outdoor activities . Also, if you want to put make-up on your face, don’t use a contrasting eye shadow color or blush or lipstick that is too flashy. Sweep your face with natural and soft makeup colors , which also match the color of the clothes you are wearing.
Do your hair! Neatly arranged hair will further support your dress style. It doesn’t matter how neatly and beautifully you dress, if you don’t comb your hair neatly you will find it difficult to look elegant. Take time to care for the cleanliness and health of your hair: wash your hair regularly and occasionally do a hair mask or creambath . If you plan to change your hair color, it’s a good idea to consult an expert first — so that the results match your skin tone and face shape. Don’t forget to ask the opinion of your closest friends.
Take care of your skin. Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be white or olive because basically we are born with different variations of skin color. The most important thing is how we take care of the skin we have. Having beautiful skin means having flawless, smooth, and not dry skin. The trick is to always moisturize your skin, do this after bathing. Apply gentle lotion all over your body. Don’t forget too, scrub your skin regularly to clean dirt as well as attached dead skin.
Don’t forget to also make sure your clothes are clean and smell good. Finally, use a little soft perfume. Now you are beautiful, elegant, and look classy. Whatever your plans for today, have a good day!

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