To be a wife, it’s not enough just to have children: ideal spouses from the point of view of the Dibrovs

Dmitry and Polina Dibrovs have been married for 13 years and are sure that happy relationships are built by both partners together. The couple shared their views on the roles of husband and wife in the family.

According to Dmitry, in order to be a wife, you need a lot – it’s not enough just to have children. Will she read? You don’t have to read: after all, guys, only what is comprehended by the mind is written in books. Those truths that are spoken about in most books are, in principle, split by the mind. This is what is required of her.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrova with children

Should she know the filmography of Lars von Trier? It would be nice, of course, since internal accumulation depends on a woman, but if not, it’s not scary. Now, if a man does not know – this is an abomination. It’s also great if she is selfless: then a man’s life will turn into a fairy tale. There will be interesting joint exits; the dishes will finally be as creative as the movies. Listen, you can even turn the kitchen into a place where we all knead, cook, fry and eat something screaming: snails, you know, French or waffles, for example. It all depends on the mother, ”Dmitry believes.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrov

His wife Polina shared her vision of an ideal husband: “First of all, he is the head of the family – for me and the children. I believe that the function of a man is to protect, this is a global, reliable system that stands at the top. He is the protector of the family. For me, my husband is a person you can always rely on.”

Dmitry Dibrov with his sons

Polina and Dmitry Dibrovs are raising three sons, and their union is an example of a strong family, where love, harmony and mutual respect reign. What rules do they follow when raising children? What makes a marriage truly happy? How to correctly distribute roles in the family? Read the interview with Polina and Dmitry in the December issue of Modern Health magazine.

Photographer Pavel Kryukov

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