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Traffic police fines: find out in time | Taganrog truth

For any motorist, driving a vehicle is associated with the solution of a huge number of complex tasks every minute, on which the safety on the road of himself and those nearby traffic participants, pedestrians, depends. It is not always possible to properly demonstrate one’s own skills and knowledge of the rules established by the state. Someone carries out violations by accident, and someone quite consciously in an effort to save their time or for a number of other reasons. The result of such recklessness is often to attract the attention of higher authorities. This is especially true in recent years, when the order on the tracks is monitored not only by people, but also by specialized cameras that record even the slightest violations, for example, speeding.

As a result, the driver receives penalties, which today have a monetary equivalent. If violations are fixed automatically, a person may not even know that he already owes something to the state. And here specialized Internet resources come to the rescue, where you can remotely get information on the accrued fines at any time.

A valuable assistant in this direction can become, for example, – a service for online checking of traffic police fines, which operates on an open basis, whose payments are carried out by Promsvyazbank with a license from the Central Bank. Here you can get information on a specific car or driver with full confidence in the relevance of the data. Personal information for the formation of the request is entered in a special form. If you need to regularly access information, you can open a personal account for more convenient and faster work. The initial appeal allows you to satisfy interest within 15-20 seconds, subsequent checks fit into even shorter periods by saving data for search.

Fines are sought out in the databases of the traffic police, GIS GMP, FSSP, so not a single sanction will go unnoticed. Regular users of the service may not engage in regular independent monitoring of information, but simply subscribe to all updates that appear. This allows you not to miss your own violation and pay off the punishment on it in time. This moment promises a certain monetary benefit. So, today the state allows making payments with a fifty percent discount, but only in the first twenty days from the date of the decision on the violation on the road. This bonus is provided on the basis of Article 32.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. You can use it even on the twentieth day. A notice of a new accrued fine is received within the first two hours from the moment of its formation.

Payment can be made by bank cards, through popular services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay. A receipt for the completed transaction is sent to your personal account and email. You can perform operations at any time of the day: the system automatically processes all payments.

As part of the online service, you can find out not only the amount of fines, but also all current conditions. That is, the user sees the place, date and exact time of the recorded violation. In addition, at least one street camera photo is provided. Here you can immediately find out whether the fifty percent discount is still relevant. The description of the violation also includes a legal justification, that is, one can understand under which article the fine was charged.

You can work with the resource from computer and mobile devices. For the convenience of users, intuitive navigation is provided.


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