Traveler Vladimir Serkin: Dolmens. What secrets do these ancient structures hold?

Without expecting it myself, I accidentally visited a place of power, and now I will tell you what it really is.

During a business trip to the Black Sea coast, I made a fascinating journey through the mountains, during which, in addition to fantastic natural beauties, I saw mysterious and magical dolmens built in distant, mythical times.

Nobody knows exactly what dolmens are. Some take them for burial structures, others categorically disagree with this, considering them to be religious buildings. Outwardly, they look like a kind of table-like structure, built of very large stone monoliths.

Dolmens are structures made of stone blocks in the 3-2 millennium BC. Some experts believe that the age of these structures can even reach 4 thousand years BC, which is more than individual Egyptian pyramids.

Despite the fact that dolmens were created a very long time ago, the quality of wall processing is still impressive today. All blocks are tightly fitted to each other, and grooves are formed at the junction point. Traditionally, such buildings were decorated with drawings and ornaments. Most often, dolmens are located in mountainous areas one by one or in groups.

Mysticism, which is shrouded in dolmens, attracts many travelers to these places. From the Breton language, the word “dolmen” is translated as “stone table”. There were once about several thousand such “tables” in the West Caucasus region. Now their number has been reduced to about 150.

Purpose and power of dolmens

Scientists express various assumptions regarding the purpose of dolmens. The most common theory is that these structures were used for funerary purposes like the famous pyramids.

According to the legend, the sages who reached the peak of knowledge of the world went to the dolmens. At the same time, they took with them a vat full of water in order to dissolve with it, and transfer their knowledge and strength to this structure.

What secrets do these ancient stone structures keep?

According to a number of theories, the soul of a person who went to the dolmen to give away his knowledge remained imprisoned in him. Only one day a year, when the sun’s rays at a certain angle fell into the opening of the dolmen, she could go to another world.

Some believe that in these buildings people meditated, plunged into a trance state and made contact with the afterlife. This was done in order to communicate with the souls of the dead and ask them questions.

The constructions of dolmens really have a certain feature inherent in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Inside them, there is a significant increase in electromagnetic oscillations, and watch mechanisms begin to noticeably lag behind. Rumor has it that extraordinary things happen from time to time within the range of dolmens.

Locals can tell a lot of mystical stories about spending the night in dolmens on Mount Nexis, where strange sounds are allegedly heard and incomprehensible creatures are seen. After all, these structures, in their opinion, are means of communication for representatives of another civilization, possibly created even by the descendants of the legendary Atlantis.

Dolmens of Mount Nexis

This mountain differs from others by its Latin name. After all, most of the local names of rocks and hills are of Russian, Turkic or Adyghe origin. “Nexis” in Latin means “connection”. According to some assumptions, the former inhabitants of these places considered the mountain a link that connects different worlds.

like this it was an interesting walkcome and see for yourself the extraordinary power of the ancient dolmens.

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