Traveler Vladimir Serkin: Primorye. Winter beach with Ilya Lagutenko

For me, acquaintance with Primorye began with Lazurnaya Bay, which spread its sandy shore 30 km from Vladivostok.

There are many vacationers here in the summer, although the expression “there is nowhere for an apple to fall” would be inappropriate here, and this is a big plus!

Vladivostok residents use the old name of the bay – “Shamora”, which was given to it by the Chinese living here in ancient times.

Vladimir Serkin, Shamora

Fans of musician Ilya Lagutenko know this name from the album of the same name, which included the hit “Vladivostok 2000”, which glorified the city and even served, according to legend, as the reason for issuing banknotes!

In winter, unlike other bays, Shamora does not freeze and the townspeople and guests of the city can enjoy the sea surf without paying attention to the cold. By the way, Pavel Volya, I remember, specially came here to look at Shamora, sung by Lagutenko. Walking along the winter beach (you saw this photo at the beginning of the publication – and Volya published it on his social networks), the stand-up artist admired the coast:

“Oh, seaweed, shells, you can eat right from the shore,” he shared.

However, it is not necessary to eat delicacies right from the shore. And the cold does not matter, you can always warm up in a nearby cafe, where exquisite gourmets will be satisfied.

Bar “Mumiy Troll”

If you like the sound of the sea surf at any time of the year, come to Shamora to enjoy the sea air on a bright sunny day to the music of the hits of the Mumiy Troll group.

Video about Shamora.

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