Trvnka drove away quickly, he couldn’t breathe! Think of him, please, the devastated model Monika

A few days ago, Monika Trvnkov (37) showed off her beautiful family photos on social media, and they exuded comfort. But now, for a short while, he endured fear and hopelessness! Manel Pavle Trvnek (72) was taken away by ambulance on Sunday. The famous actor and beaver had health problems, according to his friend, and now he is a girl. Think about him, Monika, a devastated model, says.

the fourth Sunday of Advent at the Prince of Wales Pavel Trvenko turned into horror. Due to breathing problems, an ambulance had to be taken, and the famous actor died in the hospital.

Ptel, have a beautiful Advent. Oh yeah and think of manel Monika, Trvnk’s mistress, wrote on her Facebook page.

I thank the saved verses for the quick passage, now the manel is in the hands of the lak, added Monika Trvnkov, who then Flash she revealed what just happened.

He couldn’t breathe. Everything will be lost tomorrow, said Trvnkov, who has a son, Maxmilin, a legendary actor. He will celebrate his birthday at the end of December and his most important wish now is that his father will be with his family soon.

Monica Trvnkov in the comments under the pspvk on Facebook issued support for several TV brands. For example, Jana Adamcov, the presenter of Nova TV, used to talk.

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