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Unusual vacancies in December: in Taganrog, they are looking for a guru in the team of heroes

Experts of the largest Russian online recruiting platform hh.en compiled a list of the rarest and most unusual job openings across the country in December. Among them were an insight manager, a snow machine operator, and even a fitter for flexible prosthetic heart valves. And in Taganrog, a betting company is looking for a guru in the rules for accepting bets. He is offered to work in a super-team of heroes and receive 30 thousand rubles.

Vacancy insight manager opened in Moscow: the specialist will be engaged in full-cycle marketing research, analyze market trends and advise colleagues on consumer behavior and potential strategies. Relevant work experience, higher education and willingness to work in an office are required.

Another company from Moscow is looking for remote work announcer for voice robots. The task is to voice 30-second snippets of speech for voice telephone robots that will talk to people. Of the requirements – the presence of a computer and silence in the room during recording.

Flexible prosthetic heart valve trimmer required for a research and production enterprise in Penza. The specialist will have to manually make medical products, which require sewing skills, good motor skills and perseverance. The company offers a salary of 35,000 rubles. before tax, as well as a social package and a subsidy for food.

In Kazan, a network of art studios is looking for inspiration for creativity, who will conduct a free drawing lesson. The main task at the same time is to find out why a person is interested in being creative, to identify his need and, as a result, lead to the purchase of training. Among the requirements is an interest in sales, but it is not necessary to be able to draw, they promise to teach this.

Another unusual vacancy – snow gun operator (artificial snow making) – opened in the Chelyabinsk region. The company is waiting for “a person who is reliable, with character, hardy, with a desire to work.” You have to work on the ski slopes of the local resort, and you can also live there. Employment – until the end of January.

A vacancy for sports connoisseurs is open in Taganrog: a betting company is looking for guru in betting rules. In this position, the employee will have to advise clients on the rules for accepting bets and paying out winnings, as well as directly placing bets and working with money. The offered salary is from 30,000 rubles. on your hands.

A company from Kostroma opened a vacancy gingerbread artist, whose key responsibilities will be the development of artistic concepts and drawing freehand sketches. Candidates are expected not only to have specialized education, but also creativity, fantasy and spatial imagination. At the same time, the vacancy notes that this is a quiet job, however, due to seasonality, processing is possible. The offered salary ranges from 40,000 to 55,000 rubles. before taxes.

digital portrait artist looking for in St. Petersburg: as the name implies, the future employee will be engaged in writing digital portraits (drawing a portrait from a customer’s photo). To qualify for the position, the applicant must have a similar work experience and portfolio, as well as complete a test task. Salary – 30,000 rubles. on your hands. Also in the northern capital they are looking for raccoon care specialist (the vacancy immediately warns that there will be difficult work with raccoons and people), Tequila Girl / Tequila Boy (tekilschik, promo model for the sale of strong drinks) and fumelier bartenderwhich will help guests in choosing famous Cuban products.

Analytics provided PR-service headhunter South, image by master1305 on freepik

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