Up, and the tigers sat at my feet: the family of Pavel Priluchny originally spent the Year of the Tiger

The actor with his wife Zepyur Brutyan, as well as with his son Timofey and daughter Mia, visited the tiger nursery of the famous trainer Mikhail Zaretsky.

A friend of Pavel Priluchny presented such an unusual walk to the artist’s family. Moreover, especially for the actor and his relatives, the nursery organized a photo session with a real tigress – a symbol of this year.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan also took pictures with the little tiger cubs, who were even bottle fed with milk.

Pavel Priluchny with Zepyur Brutyan and children, photo of the social network

I must say that the pets of Mikhail Zaretsky are also real screen stars. Almost all the tigers that are now shown in films, clips, and advertisements are his pupils. The trainer has been raising wild animals for over twenty years. On his site near Istra, striped predators calmly walk on the lawn, move around the master’s house and participate in photo shoots with guests.

“We see off the outgoing year with the tiger. We spent a wonderful day with the children in the company of these beautiful animals. We really enjoyed!”, – written by Pavel Priluchny.

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