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UVZ sells trams on the “native” market more expensive

The Yekaterinburg plant “Uraltransmash” (UTM, a subsidiary of “Uralvagonzavod”) sold tram cars to Nizhny Tagil more expensive than the capital of North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz.

City Hall of Vladikavkaz concluded a contract with UTM for the supply of 28 tram cars worth 61.3 million rubles apiece (total – 1,716 million rubles). We are talking about a partially low-floor model 71-412, follows from the documentation on the public procurement portal. Delivery is expected by mid-2023.

Prior to this, the authorities of Nizhny Tagil signed a municipal contract with the UVZ structure for the supply of 12 trams of the same model. At the same time, the price differs significantly: 8 cars cost the treasury 65 million rubles per unit, four more – 78 million rubles each (total 832 million rubles). The money was allocated under the Clean Air national project. The first eight trams have already arrived in the city – some have already entered the routes. The rest will be delivered by August 2023.

At the same time, Nizhny Tagil concluded contract without bidding – for this, a special meeting of the interdepartmental working group was convened under the chairmanship of the vice-governor of the Sverdlovsk region Oleg Chemezov, at which they justified the inexpediency of a competitive purchase. The authorities of Vladikavkaz also signed a direct contract, but this was preceded by a tender, for which no one except UTM showed up.

Model 71-412 was introduced in 2017. It is based on the body of the Vario LF car manufactured by the Czech company Pragoimex and the chassis from the famous Tatra T3SU (1962-1999), which still run in many cities of the countries of the former socialist camp. In 2018, the car was tested in Nizhny Tagil, where it was inspected by Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, Uralvagonzavod CEO Alexander Potapov, and then Acting Mayor Vladislav Pinaev. The low floor level in it is only 35%, which is why there are two high stairs in the cabin (as in trams 71-407 that have been in operation since 2014).

Previously in Nizhny Tagil started running retro trams based on the completely low-floor model 71-415 already operating in the city. They were given symbolic numbers 1722 and 2022. The wagons decorated in antique style will be used for excursions. They are designed for 38 seats. The salons are equipped with air conditioners, monitors, USB chargers. And wooden benches, leather handrail straps and the uniforms of carriage drivers create a vintage style and set passengers on a story about the eras that the city has lived through over 300 years of history.

wagons become “gift” to the city from the regional government in honor of the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil. Funds for their purchase were allocated from the budget of the Sverdlovsk region. After that, the local government announced formal auction for the supply of equipment.

Tram UTM 71-412

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