Victor Drobysh revealed his attitude to the return to the stage of Nikolai Noskov

Nikolai Noskov has been struggling with the consequences of a stroke for several years. It is hard for him to move, but the singer tries to continue performing, despite his illness.

His work is supported by Viktor Drobysh, despite criticism. The producer is sure that this improves Noskov’s well-being. Without the energy from the audience, the vocalist would only be worse, the composer believes.

Nikolai Ivanovich could not simply refuse to speak and live the life of a simple pensioner, Drobysh noted. He added that he simply supports the star, and does not try to exploit him until he loses his strength for the sake of earning.

Nikolai Noskov, photo by Yulia Goncharova

A few years ago, after one of the concerts, Viktor Yakovlevich was criticized by other artists. Some believed that he wanted to cash in on a sick person. This opinion is very upset producer. He stated that all the money from the tickets goes directly to Nikolai Noskov.

Recall that we wrote about the reaction of the audience, when at the recent TV shooting of the Golden Gramophone, the quarter of Nikolai Noskov, Igor Romanov, Stas Piekha and IVAN, the audience did not let go of the stage with applause for more than five minutes – for the performance of the song “Do not kneel”: Video.

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