Vignerov sent Denise a message: U got married and sold the house, and v, with whom I have something to do

From the moment they took a picture of the tabloid photographers Denis Nesvailova and Peter Kolek in the corner of the book Veselo ve Veselko, there was a lot of talk. Aneta Vignerov she published a statement on her social media that the love triangle was a horse, she herself made it clear to Peter that she did not understand the aunt.

Speculation immediately began as to why on earth Petr was returning to Denise, when he recently claimed on Showtime that he wanted to be one family with Aneta again. More like this before Christmas! And Aneta admitted that she is in trouble because of that, she doesn’t want Petr or Denisa, and she takes it as one big betrayal.

Because Aneta is smart and experienced as a media person, she preferred to issue another statement right away in order to put an end to all the speculation about his relationship with Kolek, which started to spread in the media at lightning speed and put them on the right track. She stupidly sent a message to Denise Nesvailov herself.

I just want to tell you that the effort was great, marriages and the development of the barge almost took place in order to create our new and solid land. I think that one person will be interested in it, so and so, with whom I have to do with inn. It’s going to be tough the model came out.

She is now on horseback again in an imaginary triangle, because no one really predicted this. On the other hand, Aneta herself said in one of the interviews that if Petr proposed her hand, she would have to change her mind. And they, according to their words, really talked and thought about becoming a full-fledged family.

Denisa Nesvailov got a message from the Vigneros on Sunday.

Denisa doesn’t even know what’s going on between Aneta and Petr. And the fact that it was between them again. Why would a wedding and a house sale be otherwise? But this is the end of the year, and Nesvailova has already earned the title of one of the most hated women on Instagram. On the social networks, you will catch an avalanche of hate again. Take with you a teaser warning from the Vigneros, according to which it will be tough.

Every day she knows what she’s playing at. Nesvailov, on the other hand, had and didn’t even reveal the day on social media, she only showed off her first scent on Instagram. But only a few people could get a good media image like this…

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