Vignerov underestimated Nesvailová and Kolek: Sex with both, li o nvravta and pedasn celebration in mdich

It seemed to be Aneta Vignerov on horse, Peter Kolek she forgave him for proposing in public hand-in-hand with Denisa Nesvailová and calling his feelings for weak love. She thought that he would send a second chance, because the furnace is good in the core and he had heard a lot about it from the boulevard. Then the photographers caught her and Petr in a bar just a week after the breakup, where they decidedly did not treat each other like newly divorced partners… they even left the business together in a taxi. And until the next day, Aneta confirmed that they would let go of Peter and that when things worked out, they would be a family again.

But I wonder if Koleko ever flirted with Anet. Although she began to claim that she was looking for a new way back to each other, Koleko refused to come out at once. Nabz then wonders if Aneta has not taken his behavior seriously. It didn’t make any sense for him to let her go again right away, if the real original begged her to forgive him his daughters.

And there were also speculations that during the time when Koleko was supposed to return to the Vigneros, he was on vacation in Mauritius with Nesvailová. Although he submitted a statement to Showtime that family is the most important thing and he took a selfie with Aneta, he did not live together and, according to Koleko, he was unable to maintain his relationship with Nesvailová.

And Vignerov couldn’t handle the situation and found herself on the horse, and very soon. When she arrived at Miss Essens on Sunday, where she was around until midnight and claimed that her son was looking after her father, she had no idea that the father would get on his nerves and the next day he would have his picture taken outside with his lover.

For a while, the relationship didn’t work. The coexistence of men and women is problematic, especially for such personalities as myself, Aneta. For a while it was really problematic and the parting was on the way. Neither of us were in that relationship. kal pitom Koleko tsn after parting is clear.

Aneta, on the other hand, claimed that they had a good relationship, with only a few mistakes.

We had a nice relationship and it’s up to everyone to start working on their mistakes, she stated recently for the website Only where there is no water, even holy water will not help.

Aneta Vignerov and Petr Koleko got it together again… not for long.

Koleko got a good day from Aneta, when the book arrived in Hus’s library in the same room as Nesvailová. And it reminded me of a telenovela.

But no one wants it, which is why Koleko expressed in the Showtime program that family is the most and hopes that the family and Anet will be together again. The family’s son tried to marry you once, he asked you which of the ladies to choose, he only led Aneta by the nose, and his words hurt you. And he saw flies on you, which she didn’t want to change.

According to information from our source, Petr played it both ways, the rest is now acknowledged by Vignerov himself in his Instagram account. Since that photo in the bar, Petr has been stalking Nesvailová, and nothing has happened. Finally he told her off. Aneta is pretty English, she tried it on him and he got hooked, but he never did it with Denisa. After a while, he said, for no, told us a source from around the actors of the love triangle.

Nesvailov and Kolek honored the little girl.

It’s the end of the day, Aneta declared Kolek’s behavior as treason and added that the three-legged relationship is officially over, because two hands are gone from him. And long time A colleague and people from the gate warned her against him at two, but she didn’t listen.

I was there when Aneta found out that she was married to Kolek, it was a piece of cake. They were together for thirteen days. Aneta told me that they were very private, so I said to her: Aneta, he did it once, he did it a second time, because he left his ex-wife like that, Agta Hanychov put it on your heart for the first time, and she said that even Vignerov knew how to make Kolek angry.

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