Vmola after returning from the hospital: Bones your eyes and tired eyes, fanning the fight for him

Konen at home he wrote Karlos Vmola on Instagram, where he posted a photo with his children. In the picture, the batsman smiles like the worst hunter in the world, but it is evident from his tired eyes that he is not physically full at the moment.

Understandably, Karlos’s loyal fans knew this, asking him on social media not to risk his health and end his career as an MMA fighter.

Karl, fuck off, pull yourself together and screw it up said Petr of course, many other discussants agree with his view.

You should visit the families… Karl, you should hang up your gloves, a fan of Karlos Vmola gave himself up.

I have to straighten my head, it’s against the crate

The survivor, who was only supposed to fight for the middleweight title with the current champion and rival Patrik Kincle on December 30 in the O2 Arena in Prague, recorded a short message for the server while in the hospital.

On the recording, Vmola claims that he needs to get himself together on the psychological side, and that’s why he decided not to be active on social media right now.

I know you sent me support, thank you very much. I’m off social media for the next week because I need to get my head straight. It’s quite a pain in the ass when one day you’re at the top of your career and within two weeks you’re a wreck that goes down the drain. explained Vmola, who had no intention of ending his career.

On the contrary, from his words you can hear that he is determined to climb back to the top.

Every pekka is there just for you to climb it and climb it to go one step in, not you were the first. All the customs that I had in my head before, and in the title, rescues, relationships, they did not disappear anywhere, they are in my head below, ekl esk Terminator.

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