Vmola celebrated his daughter’s birthday and takes it back: He didn’t give me Kincl, but his friend. How about an ampion?

and years Lily was celebrating her 3rd birthday and Rocky was celebrating his first year.
I’m glad we could all celebrate together in the peace of home,
he wrote Karlos Vmola on his Instagram, where he posted several photos from the twin birthday celebrations.

The MMA survivor has given himself several vdt in the past few days. First there was his injury, due to which the title match with his rival was cancelled Patrick Kincle.

Last week, the police raid in Vmoland, which was supposed to be aimed at investigating the illegal breeding of foreign guests, caused a great response.

There were about ten policemen at my house and all of them were looking for a tiger that was on the prowl in the garden. They were even looking for him among the neighbors and cleaners. If they terrorized my family, I would try to go. What I don’t understand, though, is that they didn’t drink with a single expert who would deal with exotic guests. They had veterinary and environmental people there, but none of them were able to take samples from them. I had to do it, even when I wasn’t obliged to do it. I didn’t want it to stress and suffer when people didn’t tell you how to proceed, described the server Wmola.

Bijec said in his release that he lost the lead from his friend Patrik Kincel. Vichni, including the changed Kincl, understood that the word friend is taken as irony and Vmola wants to honor by it that his rival cowardly slapped him to the police.

The current champion of the Octagon understandably objected to this.

It’s jet vt co**t, no I thought. I think that Karel Vmola should wake up from his dream, recover, I did not send 100% day by day, said TV Prime Kincl, to whom some fans on social media advised him to fight against the current from Karlos Vmola in the first way.

It seems that Kincl took the advice from the fans to heart, because shortly after he let it be heard that he would go to New Year’s Eve with his first-borns.

I won’t deny that I’m uncomfortable when I get involved in such matters. I didn’t pay attention to him day after day. I never dreamed of such flows as he did. He cornered me and I’ll probably go the first way, shared by Kincl for

Patrick Kincl

Udal m Kinclv’s friend, you got it right, explains his version of Vmola

But now Vmola is obviously taking it back. Pot, who received all the laughs from the fans for a kind of conspiracy theory with Kincle in the role of a pretender, in an interview for he tried to explain to the beater that he actually meant otherwise, but the public (in fact, all the people except him) understood it well.

It sounded fine. He is a friend of Patrik Kincl. the hunter who is always next to him. The name is written in the file, who told me and what he claimed. But it’s really from one of Patrik Kincel’s friends and it only proves how scared they were of the rescue, when they said there were illegal tigers here, which is not true. But at that moment, those poor people could not have known that I would be in the hospital and the recovery would not be the same, stated Vmola, but people did not follow his version.

The editors of Expres contacted Octagon’s ampion Patrik Kincl. It is evident from his words that the current middle king Vmolov did not follow the version. Not able to face it like a man and honor the truth, Kincl wrote to him in an SMS.

What did Kincl think of Vmol’s breeding mind? Why is he calling for an apology? Check it out soon on

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