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Water supply is limited in several districts of Taganrog

Today, December 15, in Taganrog, water supply is limited in several districts of the city due to ongoing repair work on the site of a gravity collector. Also, MUP “Management” Vodokanal “eliminates the resulting leaks.

Public utility specialists are carrying out repair work at the intersection of Bolnichnaya Street and Lesnoy Lane. In this regard, water supply is carried out with reduced pressure in the Western microdistrict and in the area of ​​the Research Institute of Communications until approximately 18:00.

The leak is being eliminated in the 6th New Lane, 37. Therefore, water is supplied under reduced pressure in the Northern microdistrict and on Socialist Street. Approximately until 16:00.

We also remind you that in connection with the production of work at the emergency section of the gravity collector at the intersection of 1st Kotelnaya Street and M. Gorky Lane, the water supply of the Northern microdistrict, as well as the Novy Vokzal districts, the Dubka grove and part of Dzerzhinsky Street, is carried out with reduced pressure until the emergency is eliminated. This is done to reduce the load on the gravity collector.

Photo from the TP archive

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