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Weather in Taganrog on December 17: in the daytime up to + 8 °

Today, December 17, it is again cloudy and damp in Taganrog. According to weather forecasts, during the day the air temperature is + 8 ° (it feels like + 2 °), humidity is 89%. Light rain is possible during the day. The temperature will remain positive at night. Rain is likely again on Sunday afternoon.

According to the regional hydrometeorological center, the day will be cloudy, light precipitation is possible. Air temperature +8°. Wind southeast, 5 mph.

Overcast in the evening and at night, light intermittent rain is possible with a probability of 85%. Air temperature +5° (it will feel like +1°). South wind, 4 mph. Atmospheric pressure during the day will be 762-764 millimeters of mercury.

According to the Yandex.Weather service, the magnetic field is calm, the UV index is 1 (low), the water temperature in the Taganrog Bay is +5°.

Photo by Sergey Plishenko

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