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Weather in Taganrog on December 20: in the afternoon +1°

Today, December 20, in Taganrog partly cloudy, without precipitation. According to weather forecasts, during the day the air temperature is +1° (it feels like -4°) and almost calm, humidity is 66%. At night, the mercury column of the thermometer will go into a slight minus. Tomorrow is predicted to be cloudy with no rain.

According to the regional Hydrometeorological Center, the day will be partly cloudy, the probability of precipitation is 0%. Air temperature +1°. Wind northwest, 1 meter per second.

Cloudy in the evening and at night, no precipitation. Air temperature -3° (will feel like -6°). South wind, 2 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure during the day will be 768-773 millimeters of mercury.

According to the Yandex.Weather service, the magnetic field is calm, the UV index is 1 (low), the water temperature in the Taganrog Bay is +3°.

Photo by Sergey Plishenko

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