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weather in the Urals

Changeable weather awaits residents of the Sverdlovsk region in the coming days. During the week, the air temperature will fluctuate from 0 to -25 degrees, follows from the forecast of weather forecasters of the Sverdlovsk Hydrometeorological Center.

On Sunday and Monday, under the influence of the warm air of the Mediterranean cyclone, 0 … -8 degrees is expected. The atmospheric front will cause snowfalls with blizzards, sleet is likely on the roads – the Ministry of Emergency Situations is asked to limit long-distance travel.

And already from Tuesday, December 20, a rapid, but short cold snap will begin. In the daytime, the temperature will drop to -15 degrees, and at night – to 20-25 degrees below zero. It will snow in places.

A new portion of heat will roll up to the Urals from the south of the European territory of Russia on the afternoon of Thursday, December 22: -7 … -9 degrees are expected. And by the weekend, meteorologists predict thaws in some places.

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