We’re not that old, are we? Pavlov’s funny answer and hearts from the young and beautiful Neruda team

Economist Danuše Nerudová is the biggest betting favorite a month before the Czech presidential election. But it is too early to celebrate, the candidate herself admits that she has a rather large handicap.

“My biggest handicap is that I’m a woman, I’m pretty and I’m young,” Nerudova honestly summarized her shortcomings in the interview.

On social networks, after her words, there was an avalanche of reactions, either mocking or those that stand up for her. Former prime minister Mirek Topolánek quickly joined the first team.

Danuše Nerudová

“If I didn’t make it last time because I’m too handsome,” he commented on Twitter his unsuccessful candidacy for president in 2018. Only 220,000 people voted for him then, i.e. 4.3 percent of the electorate. He finished sixth in the ranking.

Soon, General Petr Pavel also joined. He declared: “My downside is that I’m a man, not the youngest and certainly not that handsome.”

It is interesting that Danuše did not owe him anything.

When Pavel published a photo from the summer, where he is with his wife, he wrote the following:We’re not the youngest anymore, but it suits us too, doesn’t it?’ Perhaps this was an additional response to Neruda’s insinuation from the past, when she questioned the sufficient energy of Pavel and Babiš, given that they are both over sixty years old.

Danuš Nerudová’s reaction under the photo of General Pavel with his wife

From Danuš Nerudová’s team, a heart appeared under the post and the answer: Power! General Pavel’s team also responded with a heart and a brief response: Thank you.

It’s all sunny again and we can get on with the toughest presidential campaign ever.

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