What I learned about Moscow with the advent of a dog

It seemed that the most categorically opposed people were democrats and communists, well, or those who are now “for” and who are “against”. But as soon as I got a dog, I realized that all this is trifles and there is no worse confrontation than between dog lovers and mothers (fathers are not fighters). And what will happen when one of them expands the family with what once seemed like an enemy? An unsolvable problem.

Somehow, my puppy and I came to a cafe, where we were allowed in without any problems, even with joy – they even brought a bowl of water immediately. He slept peacefully under the table, but when the mother, who was walking her offspring at dinner, saw the dog, she ran screaming: “What is this ?!” to the administrator. They were transplanted, although the sons were happy with the dog and asked her to let her get acquainted.

It is clear that it is impossible to be against children. But when they sit on their necks, squealing and squealing, the question arises: why did the dog silently sleeping under the table interfere? Therefore, one day in VkusVill, which is more than dog-friendly, an unpleasant habalistic argument ensued between me and a certain mother. Her child ran and screamed through all the malls, and then we collided at the door. When I suggested that the girl not be afraid, step aside and let us go out, a screaming mother flew in and grabbed me like a kite: “Who let you in with this?” I referred to the sticker on the door of the store and retorted with the same: “Who let you in with this?” In fact, even without believing in childfree, I often remember the scene from Sex and the City where Samantha is indignant that people go to adult places with children, and there should be spaces that are not allowed to enter with them.

The theme of a dog in the city, it seems to me, is rooted in everyone’s parental arguments that you can’t torment her with life in a small footage and no one will ever be able to walk enough with her not over rough terrain. This fall, I moved to one of the city’s most beloved areas for dog lovers (between two boulevards, with a dog’s playground, though unofficial, but not too far from the water) and, despite the one-room apartment, I realized that I could handle it. This is how Groenendal Filya, aka Fidel, appeared – such a normal Cuban in principles and Belgian in roots shepherd dog.

In our entrance to the floor above lives the spaniel Lord. Three times a day a lovely schoolboy walks with him. He told me that they have a schedule: from seven to eight, from four to five, and from eight to nine in the evening. He is happy to do it. Communication between dog lovers is a story of interaction on an equal footing: I know how he is doing at school, and he asks if I have already walked with Filya, and scolds me if not yet. At the same time, the communication of dog lovers is impersonal: I recognize all these people, like them, by their pets. With a rusty Irish setter, we often coincide in walking schedules and go to drink beer. Almost everyone is happy to meet on the street, but honestly, I don’t know who these people are, how and with what they live, and I’m unlikely to ever find out. One thing is important – they are with a dog, and this is a membership card of a closed community. With horror and surprise, you stumble upon sociopathic owners: in the city, the dog needs to put energy somewhere, but they do not let their animals play and get to know each other.

A dog gives you joy as an owner and takes away your personal life at the same time. The problem is not that you have to walk with the dog, it just causes such delight among passers-by that everyone wants to know two things: and if the first is clear – “what kind of breed?”, Then the second makes me bewildered – “how old is he? “. The first twenty times are still pleasant, but after the thirtieth you begin to growl yourself – and this is for one walk!

The dog takes over social adept. Gives permissiveness and forgiveness if you are not a very pleasant person. For example, pretty drunk, but with a dog. Or the dog simply becomes a “discount card” and a kind of status symbol – just as expensive brands make you a privileged visitor, so when you come to a cafe or bar with a cute puppy, the waiters are happy to take your order first. And the sellers do not force you to run to the checkout because the store is closed in a couple of minutes (how many such marathons I rented at Perekrestok!), but they are touched by a puppy that sniffs the shelves and ask you not to rush.

By the way, about discounts, you suddenly start to realize that you can not order a fare in a taxi “with animals”, which is usually two-way at a price, but just indicate in the comments “I am with a puppy in my arms”. And the same crazy taxi driver-dog owner will come to ask about the fate, breed and age of the dog.

If you are not completely closed, then at some point the whole area begins to live with your dog. In VkusVill, Filin’s new clothes are evaluated and tracked – bandanas, bows and pendants. We just go to the pet store to talk about the pickled threshold and the barking neighbor – I am unhappy, and the saleswomen pat him by the ears: “Keep it up, guy!” Well, the most favorite is leather goods right around the corner: the main investment in a puppy is the weekly purchase of leather gloves, however, at such a pace I had to switch from silk lining to synthetics.

But not the whole city figured out how it relates to the augmented version of visitors and buyers. Reinforced concrete shopping centers are not allowed in, in “Spar”, despite the ban on entry with animals, they are happy. In Calzedonia and Intimissimi, you can even run into the fitting room together, if the ruthless and merciless shopping carried away during the walk. Burgers and coffee shops are very friendly. The Belgian pubs lack arguments: how can you not let your own ambassador – the Belgian Shepherd Dog? But all sorts of art quarters, trendy parks, food court markets and other hipster stuff are a real punishment for a dog. That’s what I say to Phil: “Baby, if you behave badly, I’ll take you to Museon – there the nasty hipsters will squeeze you in.” At the same time, additional services are added there: “Can I take a picture? And can you take a picture? “No,” I say, “we are pensioners-retrogrades – just stroke.” Chinese cafes, by the way, are traditionally evil – they were not allowed into any of them.

Discord is created by unmarked places – you can or you can’t. So, within the quarter there is the only round-the-clock pharmacy in the area. During the day, pharmacists are always happy to see us. In the evening, in order to avoid night excesses, a guard appears. Naturally, the owner’s dialectic is simple – if it’s not possible, then it’s possible. But the guard still drove us in the neck – the watchman’s syndrome is alive. I was very afraid that in the five minutes spent at the cash register, Filya would screw everything up. By the way, it is important to say that the entire assortment in the hall is a demonstration one, empty boxes, there is nothing to be afraid of at all. And out of spite, I decided to starve him out – every evening after zero to go for a hematogen. After a week of the guard’s categoricalness and my ignoring his cooing, he suddenly squatted down with a cry: “My beloved dog has come!” A month later, a sticker appeared on the door: “Dogs allowed.” Who tamed whom? I told Phil in a half-whisper that he had trained the guard.

With the advent of the dog, you begin to rejoice at the absurdity: uncleaned streets – he likes to conquer snowdrifts, and does not corrode his paws with reagents. Unpaved alleys – rugged terrain in an urban environment. The eternally idle elevator in the old fund is not superfluous physical activity. The world is being changed – ill-conceivedness becomes a plus.

Having long ago sentenced dull, furious humanity to a bleak future, thanks to the dog, despite all the difficulties and plugs, I suddenly became a romantic again and saw that someone cares about the other, and people on the street can still communicate.

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