What injury did Rodriguez get in the Mask show?

Popular showman Timur Rodriguez has completed filming in the Mask holiday program. Unfortunately, the artist failed to go on vacation without incident: while working on the project, the singer injured his leg and is now undergoing treatment.

According to the celebrity, he was diagnosed with a sprain, not a fracture. However, despite the fact that Rodriguez avoided the worst outcome, he is now restricted in his movements:

“I have crutches for the first time in my life …”, – shared the artist.

Sergei Lazarev and Valeria, who were also on the set of the New Year’s edition of the show, hurried to support their colleague. As celebrities noted, Timur is a real hero and shows incredible stamina.

You can watch the New Year’s show on the eve of the holiday. This time the organizers decided to unite the jury and the stars of the show “Mask” and “Avatar” into one team story. They promise that the program should include participants who have fallen in love with everyone, as well as new masks and avatarswhich will be exposed the same evening.

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