What should luxury real estate look like in order to remain attractive?

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Including the cost of luxury real estate. But developers have a place to show their skills and offer people the most unusual and dissimilar projects.

A person who decides to buy luxury real estate in Moscow is ready to part with a very large amount and therefore will carefully consider the area, infrastructure, compare all the options offered by the developer.

Back in the 2000s, people considered the secondary housing in the center to be very prestigious and willingly bought it. But tastes have changed dramatically in recent years.

Today, one of the main trends in urban planning is decentralization. Mayor Sobyanin and chief architect Sergei Kuznetsov regularly talk about creating new points of attraction outside the Garden Ring. But they began to think about building luxury houses in historical areas outside the center quite a long time ago, about 15 years ago, and now this “geographical expansion” has reached its peak. And the point here is not that the center has run out of building space – it doesn’t exist at all (to be honest, it is being found even now). Customers now have different preferences. They want space, greenery, clean air. Within walking distance are now functional spaces, high quality service for residents, environmental friendliness of the place, well-thought-out infrastructure.

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The Dorogomilovo district has become such an ideal place for modern luxury real estate projects. It was chosen by ANT Development for the implementation of two of its projects at once – Poklonnaya 9 and Victory Park Residences.

A place of power for modern hedonists

On Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where the respectable Moscow public has always lived, the company is building the flagship Poklonnaya 9 apartment complex, which is only six months away from completion. It is already clear that the house organically complemented the appearance of Dorogomilovo. The architecture of the complex, combining elements of Art Deco and Stalinist Empire, refers both to the legendary American skyscrapers and Moscow skyscrapers.
Three styles of designer finishes have been developed for the apartments: “Modern” – softness, smooth lines, light colors, “Timeless” – a minimalist modern classic, or “Industrial” – contrasting and extraordinary, slightly brutal and at the same time chic. Plus a special design for the terraced one- and two-level penthouses occupying the upper floors. Everywhere in the interior, high-quality materials of well-known European brands are used, whether it be natural stone, wood, metal or textiles.

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The developer, realizing the high level of competition in the high-budget segment of Moscow real estate and relying on its international experience, offers its residents a fresh and bright project with an interesting concept of 24-hour service in a five-star hotel.
An international hotel SO/Moscow will open on the lower floors of the complex. Four restaurants, bars, business lounges, a fitness and spa, a yoga and meditation room, a swimming pool with a panoramic view – all this will be available not only to hotel guests, but to all residents of Poklonnaya 9. As well as the concierge service, which will help solve any problem and even to some extent anticipate the wishes of the guests.

In fact, you get the services of a butler who knows everything in the world, who will ensure the delivery of suits from the dry-cleaner directly to the apartment, will not forget to call a taxi, book a table in a restaurant, book tickets for a plane or for a premiere at the Bolshoi.
So the residents of the complex will not only get rid of unnecessary troubles, but also save a lot of time by leaving the solution of everyday issues to professionals. Even such a trifle as car parking can also be entrusted to the service department. Poklonnaya 9 will have its own valet parking.

Country life within the city

The second no less interesting project from ANT Development in Dorogomilovo is located next to and literally borders on Victory Park, which gave it its name – Victory Park Residences. And the concept is completely different. Tranquility, wellness and family traditions are valued here.
The environmental friendliness of the complex is ensured not only by its own green area with a large landscape park, but also by the use of natural materials in the decoration. For the exterior cladding, the architect of the project, Sergey Skuratov, suggested using durable North Caucasian dolomite and copper. The streamlined cases turned out to be laconic and elegant, without unnecessary details, with large panoramic windows letting the maximum amount of light into the living spaces. At the same time, beautiful views open from all windows. And what is important, the buyer receives these views forever: you can be sure that nothing will be built under the windows in a few years.

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The subject of special pride is a unique collection of apartments. Upstairs are luxurious penthouses with spacious all-season terraces. On the first floors there are apartments with their own patios, where you can be in nature without leaving your home. There are also many functional layouts with French balconies or with corner glazing.
Residences are not accidentally called family. Children here are waiting for special attention and care. A kindergarten will appear in one of the buildings. And in the experience center you can listen to an interesting speaker in the lecture hall, swim in the pool, dine in a restaurant and buy farm products home, watch a movie and attend a family master class.
For adherents of a healthy lifestyle, there is a fitness room, Pilates, aerial yoga and a spa. In warm weather, you can do yoga and meditate in your own park – there are enough secluded places for this. Plenty of space for those who love active sports, jogging with a pet or just leisurely walks in the fresh air. A barbecue area is organized for the friendly neighborhood community. And all this among flower beds, lawns and shady alleys. This means that people live in maximum unity with nature, where the park is inside and outside, and going outside the complex, they do not find themselves in the urban jungle.

People sometimes need privacy. Therefore, many buyers are sure to look at the possibilities of confidentiality, privacy and at the same time security. In Victory Park Residences, the concept of a house extends not only to a specific apartment or building, but to the entire territory of the complex.
Architect Sergey Skuratov notes that one of the important tasks in the work on the Victory Park Residences project was to “pack” all the carefully and carefully thought out, but rather extensive human-centered infrastructure into elegant houses. And it worked out.

Two elite residential complexes of ANT Development near Pobeda Park show how different these proposals can be, how a 32-storey high-rise building looking at the sky, in which energy and drive, and low-rise buildings in the middle of the park with their measured, calm country life can coexist in one location .
The best confirmation of the fact that there are much more opportunities to develop modern infrastructure outside the center is the numbers. “According to the results of the first half of 2022, the number of transactions in premium new buildings in the Central Administrative District decreased by a third, while outside it it increased by 61%,” the elite real estate agency Savills shares the results of its study. And the palm here is at Dorogomilovo. The expansion of the district began in 2020, since then it has been confidently holding the lead both in terms of the number of transactions concluded and in terms of supply, and Poklonnaya 9 and Victory Park Residences are still among the most popular among buyers.

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