Who is Veselý arguing with? Benda challenged him, it’s supposed to be Fayne after all. The organizers know nothing about it

Tadeáš Veselý is currently a prominent figure in the Czech bizarre internet. And this despite the fact that he doesn’t really do much and doesn’t create any original content. He became famous mainly thanks to Clash of the Stars. Now he is looking for another opponent. However, according to his words, he already found him. It’s supposed to be YouTuber Fayne. “It’s confirmed Fayne, I’m on my way to sign the contract right now” Veselý expressed himself for

Clash of the Stars co-promoter Jakub Jíra, however, is said to know nothing about it. “They’re trying to mystify you. There is nothing agreed or signed. Tadeáš and I are working on some variants, so maybe he will appear at the next Clash,” said Jíra for

Jakub Jíra spoke about the backstage of Clash of the Stars.

Veselý pitted most of the Czech influencer and audience scene against each other. For example, he clashes with the wrestler from the previous Clash of the Stars gala evenings, Karlos Benda. A long time ago, voice messages in which Benda challenges him to a match were leaked to the Internet. “Let the contract be signed and I will go to the match with you. My only condition is that you get tested for steroids and drugs,” Veselý responds to Bendy’s challenge.

Even though Clash of the Stars is an organization where amateur wrestlers fight, they try to follow the general rules of martial arts. Weight categories are important. So, for example, a fifty-kilogram wrestler should not enter a match against a hundred-kilogram wrestler. “For Tadeáš, Rady is certainly the most interesting. He is actually more difficult than Tadeáš among the potential challengers. It would be the first time that Tadeáš would have a tougher opponent than himself,” adds Jíra.

Council Youtuber.

However, Jíra says that he is not sure if Rady would start the match. He is said to be biased towards him and his business, so if he did not participate in the match, it would be because of Jíro. “It’s hard to say if he would have gone for it if I wasn’t in the Clash. He’s the kind of person who’s afraid of getting hit, kind of like Adam Kajumi.” says Jíra to Rady’s address.

However, Rady has already said in the video that he is simply not interested in matches. At the same time, he had no idea who Tadeáš Veselý was, they had no dispute between them, and the match would be meaningless.

Jíra also confided that he himself might appear in the cage in the future. YouTuber Martin Mikyska alias Mikýř could become a possible opponent. Jíra would also want him because he does not agree with the way Mikýř talks about him. “She is similar in weight to me. So I’m in favor. We’ll do it for free, all the money will go to charity. But it will be under Clash of the Stars,” added Jíra.

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