Wild life of Jakub Malina: Celebrities in bed, dad’s lambo and escapades at parties!

The news about the death of the billionaire’s son was brought by the server Malina was supposed to start choking on a bite of meat, it blocked his breathing tube, after which he fell unconscious. He died after two weeks in a coma.

It was no exuberant party, Jakub Malina, a former player of Sparta’s youth football academy, lived by them. Those around him were well aware of the fact that he can take it seriously.

Almost ten years ago, he even turned it up a notch at a London fashion show, which he visited with his partner at the time, model Eliška Bučková. The photos then appeared in the media, and his former partner Gábina Dvořáková commented on them.

“I saw it and it wasn’t a surprise to me. This is how I know Jakub a little. When it comes down to it, he’s a big slob. He’s not an alcoholic, he just can get really drunk, he can take it for granted.” she revealed to

Jakub Malina with Gábina Dvořáková

Jakub Malina liked to show himself in the company of famous women, later he was even the lover of Roman Vojtek’s ex-wife Tereza.

Undoubtedly, his partners must have been impressed by his carbon Lamborghini, which he used to drive them to parties.

He liked to drive his Lamborghini.

After all, he had a strong background, his father Tomáš Malina got rich from the fuel business, around which he revolved together with the former king of the Czech underworld František Mrázek and his “partner” Tomáš Pitro.

It was for contacts with gray eminences that Malina Sr. paid for. Due to the alleged damage to Unipetrol, he spent five years behind bars. Spicy was his early release, which the judge initially rejected, but turned around after a month and let Malina go.

Jakub Malina with Eliška Bučková

The police investigated the case, accused the entrepreneur’s lawyer, former criminalist Josef Doucha, who investigated the Orlik murders, of providing a bribe in the amount of eighty thousand crowns, and the judge, on the other hand, of accepting a bribe.

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