“Winter in the Moscow Region”: iconic exhibitions, ice performances and ski resorts

Playing snowballs, downhill, skating and skiing are the favorite winter pastimes of Muscovites who go on short weekends or long January holidays in the Moscow region. Not everyone has enough enthusiasm for such an active holiday, but this does not mean that lovers of quieter types of leisure have nothing to do outside their favorite metropolis.

On the contrary, Muscovites who are accustomed to spending weekends in the silence of exhibition halls or enjoying intimate winter performances, meeting friends in cozy country cafes, should carefully read the posters of the cities of the Moscow Region and be surprised how much they miss interesting, noteworthy events within the framework of the large program “Winter in outskirts of Moscow”. Many of them are definitely worth it to get out of Moscow and spend a little time on the road, having decided in advance on the event from the poster on the main tourist portal region.


In Istra, near Moscow, the State Historical and Art Museum “New Jerusalem” once again surprises guests with a truly unique exhibition. Impressions from the sensational Brueghels and Dutch painters, the exhibition of Marc Chagall are still fresh, and the museum has already opened a new, no less impressive one – “Under the sign of Rubens. Flemish painting of the 17th century from museums and private collections in Russia.

An important part of the exposition are two paintings by Peter Paul Rubens and his studio from a private collection, which are presented to the public for the first time. These are “The Coronation of Roxanne by Alexander the Great” from the collection of Vladimir Nekrasov and the painting “French King Henry IV uses a happy opportunity to conclude peace”, which, by the way, was supposed to be part of a series for decorating the eastern wing of the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. Both works are real examples of Flemish painting of the first half of the 17th century.

No less valuable are other works that came out of the workshops of the main artists of the Flemish school: Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens, Frans Snyders, Jan Brueghel the Velvet, David Teniers the Younger and Peter Paul Rubens himself. There are unique paintings. So, for example, visitors will see the only signed work of a female artist of that period, Joanna Vergauwen.

The project brought together works from nine Russian museums. Among them are the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, the Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum, the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum, the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art, the Tula Museum of Fine Arts, the Uglich State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum, the Yaroslavl Art Museum and the State Historical and Art Museum “New Jerusalem”. The exposition contains many works from private collections: Vladimir Nekrasov, Valeria and Konstantin Mauergauz, Dmitry Garibyan, Alexei Semin, the Art Center. Moscow”.

The Serpukhov Museum of History and Art is hosting an exhibition of pictorial photography by Nikolai Andreev and historical photographic equipment “Painting of Light. Nikolay Andreev. The Art of Photography”.

Not only lovers and connoisseurs of old photos should come here. The fact is that pictorial photography is an interesting phenomenon in itself, which arose at the end of the century before last, somewhere at the intersection of photography and painting. Its representatives strove for a picturesque, photographic image imitating painting. And many have succeeded. In Russia, one of the most prominent authors in this direction was Nikolai Andreev, whose skill was recognized in Europe and overseas. In 1929, the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art became the site of his first solo exhibition. Almost 100 years later, an exhibition of the famous photographer was reopened in the Maraevs’ merchant mansion in Serpukhov. With original works by Nikolai Andreev and his contemporaries, rare photographs of the master from family and private collections. In addition, the exhibition shows the work of contemporary photographic artists of the British Higher School of Design, experimenting in the field of fine art photography.

Part of the exhibition was created with the participation of the Polytechnic Museum: it is dedicated to the history of the development of photographic equipment and Russian photography at the beginning of the 20th century. The Polytechnic University provided real cameras and photographic equipment of that time.

For museum guests in Serpukhov, excursions to places related to the life of Nikolai Andreev, Bromoil master classes, concerts and theater installations are organized.

The exhibition closes on January 14, there is only a month left, so you should hurry up and buy a ticket now.

Ice shows

In Moscow, it is sometimes impossible to get tickets for ice performances of figure skating stars. In the suburbs, they can be accessed for free.

Legendary performances by Olympic champions Tatyana Navka, Ilya Averbukh and Evgeny Plushenko “Ice Age. Together Again” will be held in the parks of Krasnogorsk, Khimki, Istra, Klin, Vidnoye, Serpukhov, Korolev and others. In total, about 30 shows are scheduled in December and January.

And this is another good reason to get out of Moscow to the region, maybe even more than once, because these performances are always exciting and impressive. And watching them in the winter in the park is a separate pleasure, especially if you take yourself warming ginger tea and sweet cheesecake.

Christmas trees

Every year in Shakhmatovo, in the estate of Blok, during the New Year holidays, holidays for children are always held. They decorate a real Christmas tree, prepare a small performance with fairy-tale characters and Santa Claus. The poet’s estate is modest, but located in such a picturesque place, which Blok himself called “a corner of paradise not far from Moscow.” Everyone who lives nearby or who has a dacha nearby tries to get to Shakhmatovo on New Year’s days. This is already a good tradition for many. But you can also come from Moscow, it’s only better to find out the schedule in advance.

It is also worth going to the charity New Year’s party “Christmas Tale of the Boxing Federation of Russia”, which the federation will hold at the Russky Park Hotel (this is in Serpukhov). It is interesting to know what kind of Christmas trees the boxers have.

And there really will be something to see. Guests of the hotel will enjoy traditional entertainment based on Russian folk tales. And for children, modern attractions are already ready.

Eminent Russian boxers will come to the Christmas tree. They will hold master classes for everyone. I came to relax, celebrate the New Year, see the living Santa Claus, at the same time I learned self-defense and protection from street hooligans. There will also be many guest stars, bloggers and artists in the park hotel.

And yet the skis

There are many good skiing places in the Moscow region. One of the most popular ski centers is the Sorochany sports resort. It is located on the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrovskaya ridge. There are trails of varying difficulty with a total length of about 6 kilometers with a height difference of up to 90 meters. Chairlifts and drag lifts take guests up the mountain. On the territory of the resort there is a rental of ski equipment, a workshop for repair and tuning, as well as a school of instructors. In addition, there is a skating rink, a tubing track and a play area for children.

The popularity of “Sorochan” will easily compete with Leonid Tyagachev’s Ski Club (also Dmitrovsky district). It has 10 slopes, a cross-country ski run, a tubing run. It has its own hotel, SPA-center, skating rink, good restaurants.

For children there is a separate slope, which is equipped with a special baby lift. You can take individual lessons with experienced instructors, for children there are group skiing lessons. For those not interested in snowboarding and downhill skiing, there is an illuminated cross-country ski run, a cheesecake slide and an ice rink.

Another famous place near Dmitrov is the Yakhroma park. The park has slopes and trails for athletes with different levels of training and beginners. Most of the tracks are universal, suitable for mass skiing. Here you can rent skis, boots, and beginners can use the services of professional instructors.

The park also has its own ice rink, tubing track and toboggan run. There are hotels, a cottage settlement, cafes and restaurants.

The largest in terms of the number of tracks and the total length of the slopes, not only in the Moscow region, but, perhaps, in the entire central region of Russia, is the Volen + Stepanovo ski resort. The complex has its own professional tracks, equipment rental, ski school, hotels, restaurants and baths.

There are already twenty ski resorts in the Moscow region. For every taste. Almost everywhere there are tracks for both beginners and professionals. For those who decide to ski for the first time, it is better to take an instructor. He will explain how to fall, how to behave if suddenly something goes wrong. And be sure to buy a helmet, protection, thermal underwear and a jacket with pants. Everything else – boots, snowboard with bindings, skis and ski boots – can be rented. All complexes are available for rent.

Look for even more ideas for traveling around the Moscow region on the main tourist portal of the Moscow region welcome.mosreg.

Information support of cultural and tourist events in the Moscow region – “Radio 1”.

Photo: provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Moscow Region

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